Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sorry for the Absense

Hey all,

sorry for the absence of posts of late. Some real life has really gotten in the way of my hobby lately. Saying that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am preparing to get back into it.

I have been playing a couple of games with a friend lately, and still have been having a blast with the game. we played through scenario 4 and 6(skip 5 for the moment)I believe. I really enjoyed 4. In it you only use 2 game tiles and the vanguard have to make it on a train which arrives on turn 4 of the game and leaves on turn 6.

It sets up this really tense atmosphere and creates some really interesting tactical choices for both sides. I played as strain both times we played. I think this scenario really helps to highlight what the strain are capable of if they are positioned well, and can take advantage of doorway and LOS to keep from getting ripped to shreds. I was able to use the choke point very effectively both times. I used the phase 1s to empty the reflex actions, and was still able to get some into close combat to use the horde ability to infect some vanguard. I was also able to hide some stalkers charged up to spring in if the vanguard started to press through the door.

More and more my friend and are realizing that these scenarios are pretty much just unbalanced tutorials, saying that they are really fun and do a great job of going back and forth giving the advantage to both sides. They also really do portray a narrative that the players feel immersed in. It's  fun to try and bear the odds when your side is on the underdog.

I have done very little modeling since I last posted, I did paint up 3 more strain, and tried my hand with some glossy blood. I will post pics of them.

Again sorry for the lack of content hopefully I will be able to remedy that in the near future. Cheers all hope you are enjoying Sedition Wars!