Sunday, February 3, 2013

First 12 Vanguard done!

Hey all,

Finished my first 12 vanguard, I wanted them to be quick paint jobs but...>< they took longer than I hoped, and were really frustrating at times.

I started by pre-painting all the bases that came with the set. I did a rust color base and then some hair spray and salt weathering with a light grey airbrushed over top.

I then air brushed the vanguard yellow, with some burnt umber shadows. Then I washed them with badab black and was not happy with the final results. So I went over them with some yellow highlights that took way too long. Finally, I washed them with Model Mates rust brown. I finished the bases with the same Model Mates, and painted the edges with black.

Would be glad to hear what you guys think.

Vanguard trooper female
Vanguard trooper male

Vanguard grenadier

Vanguard lancer

Vanguard reaver

Vanguard group shot

Cheers all, I am really excited to get started on some strain next!

1 comment:

  1. These look great. I really like your weathering; a skill set I need to improve on! Did it take you a long time to remove mold lines?