Thursday, February 14, 2013

So Many Cards!

So I recently played a game with a friend, the second scenario of the campaign. You need to make a 60 point list.  We both quickly ran into the problem of too much stuff being out on the table. I had 12 cards out, plus all the other counters and the like. We had trouble keeping track of wounds. There were so many models in tight spaces, that keeping track with dice was hard. Not to mention all the effects. So we started brain storming ideas to shrink some of the clutter, and  keep the board clear for a more visually pleasing game.

I saw someone on the Sedition Wars forum had made printed wound counters that they glued to the bases of the models. I like this but something about picking up the models every time they are wounded kinda rubs me the wrong way. I have also heard of people using super small dice to track wounds. 

This was one of my ideas. It is a rough draft. It took about 2 hours to make...

People are always going to be bringing revenant and Samaritans to a fight, and they all have the same stat line. This way for every five I only need one card, instead of five cards for five models. If I go this route I would have to number the Samaritans bases which wouldn't be to bad but could get annoying.

It is still a wip but I wanted to get some feedback on the idea and the layout. I am thinking that I will either try and make them the same size as the cards. Or I might make them double the size of a normal card to give more room for rules. When they are done (unless I come up with a better idea) I will put up PDFs of the cards I make here for others to use.

I also added a player aid page. Right now it has a vanguard and strain reference sheet in it, made by GeneStealer on the Sedition Wars forums. I will add these cards to it in the future. I also hope to add a painting tutorial page with links to sedition wars painting tutorials.



  1. Hi, The idea seems very good. To my mind double width size for more visibility.
    Markings (with decals i.e.) on the miniatures could both be nice and easier when playing.
    (sorry for my rough englis, I'm french...)