Monday, April 15, 2013

Corpsmen Vade Painted!

Hey all,

Finally getting back into pace with my Sedition Wars painting. Had two great games yesterday got to play once as strain and once as vanguard.

Got me hyped to finish painting my Vade model and get started on some new projects as well... more on those in a future post!

I started Vade when I was in a real painting slump. Every time I looked at him I didn't like what I saw. But I was finally able to push through and just finish him. There are still somethings I would of liked to have done differently but I think he came out ok. Anyway here are some pictures of him! over all he is a great model lots of nice details and fairly decent pose.

Now that he is done I can move onto the other characters with a more firm scheme in mind for what their uniforms will be.

Cheers all! Feels good to be back at the work bench.

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