Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hurley Drone Painted!

hey all,

I have gotten some good painting time in with the Hurley this last week or so. Decided not to do the popular source lighting on the engines. I spent far to long on its base coat with the air brush, but I am pretty happy with the color and layering I was able to achieve. I tried to put some subtle paint chipping and streaking on parts I thought would get bump and scratched when patrolling narrow corridors. In the end I am pretty happy with the  results but wish somethings had gone a little smoother. The decals I used might of been old or something as they didn't want to stick down right. I decided to leave them cause I thought they still added something to the model. I went a little heavy with the weathering on the base so I might not add any blood but I am still unsure.

Anyway here are some pics!

Let me know what you guys think! hope to used this guy in a game soon. Probably going to work on the Grendel next.

Cheers all.


  1. Some left Hurley out in the rain!

    Great job, btw.

    1. lol, thanks. I picture it being one that the vanguard found either abandoned or left to decay on the station. With a few repairs they got it up and running again.