Thursday, February 14, 2013

So Many Cards!

So I recently played a game with a friend, the second scenario of the campaign. You need to make a 60 point list.  We both quickly ran into the problem of too much stuff being out on the table. I had 12 cards out, plus all the other counters and the like. We had trouble keeping track of wounds. There were so many models in tight spaces, that keeping track with dice was hard. Not to mention all the effects. So we started brain storming ideas to shrink some of the clutter, and  keep the board clear for a more visually pleasing game.

I saw someone on the Sedition Wars forum had made printed wound counters that they glued to the bases of the models. I like this but something about picking up the models every time they are wounded kinda rubs me the wrong way. I have also heard of people using super small dice to track wounds. 

This was one of my ideas. It is a rough draft. It took about 2 hours to make...

People are always going to be bringing revenant and Samaritans to a fight, and they all have the same stat line. This way for every five I only need one card, instead of five cards for five models. If I go this route I would have to number the Samaritans bases which wouldn't be to bad but could get annoying.

It is still a wip but I wanted to get some feedback on the idea and the layout. I am thinking that I will either try and make them the same size as the cards. Or I might make them double the size of a normal card to give more room for rules. When they are done (unless I come up with a better idea) I will put up PDFs of the cards I make here for others to use.

I also added a player aid page. Right now it has a vanguard and strain reference sheet in it, made by GeneStealer on the Sedition Wars forums. I will add these cards to it in the future. I also hope to add a painting tutorial page with links to sedition wars painting tutorials.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

First 10 Strain Done!

Strain Update

So I did a test group of strain, enough for the first scenario. I wanted something relatively quick. I primed them grey and did a white spray over the top for a highlight. In the end I am not sure if it really made a difference. I used a blend of colors for the first coat. I used rotten flesh for the main color, applied wet and painted on some purples, oranges, and greens, and tried some browns to give them some depth. I did a couple layers like this. I than inked some of the exposed muscles with a mix of GW's baal red and scorched brown for darker red. I glazed the models very lightly with medium and scorched brown. I went back with rotten flesh over top to give them a little bit of a highlight.

here are the phase 1 strain.

 Here are some close shots of the phase 2 strain.

And a kinda crappy group shot 10 models in total.

I am not calling these guys done just yet, I am planning to go in with some gloss and maybe do some blood effects on them as well. As to whats next I need to work on some of the Vanguard heroes. Then I might try my hand at some tutorials.

Enjoy, and feel free to ask any questions!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

First 12 Vanguard done!

Hey all,

Finished my first 12 vanguard, I wanted them to be quick paint jobs but...>< they took longer than I hoped, and were really frustrating at times.

I started by pre-painting all the bases that came with the set. I did a rust color base and then some hair spray and salt weathering with a light grey airbrushed over top.

I then air brushed the vanguard yellow, with some burnt umber shadows. Then I washed them with badab black and was not happy with the final results. So I went over them with some yellow highlights that took way too long. Finally, I washed them with Model Mates rust brown. I finished the bases with the same Model Mates, and painted the edges with black.

Would be glad to hear what you guys think.

Vanguard trooper female
Vanguard trooper male

Vanguard grenadier

Vanguard lancer

Vanguard reaver

Vanguard group shot

Cheers all, I am really excited to get started on some strain next!

First Post!


and welcome to my blog about Sedition Wars. I will be using this blog to post pictures of the miniatures as I complete them, hopefully some tutorials, and battle reports as well. I will also try and post useful information like FAQs, and news related to Sedition Wars.

I hope that this will be both an interesting and informative blog, and I will be open to feedback from followers.

To start here is a link the current FAQ on the official Sedition Wars Forums.
Sedition Wars FAQ

Cheers all, will update soon!