Official Scenario Question Answers

Official Scenario Question Answers

This thread is intended to consolidate all the questions on the Scenariosin Battle for Alabaster. As such it is not intended for basic rules questions unless they are tied directly to a scenario question. Please add your scenario questions here and hopefully we can create a convenient place for Rob to see and respond to these when he gets a chance.



Consolidated Scenario Questions:

General Questions:

1. Where a scenario does not specify, how do the players determine who takes the first Active phase?

Roll off, whoever gets the highest roll goes first.

Outbreak Scenario Questions:

Outbreak Scenario 1: 

• Do the Strain or Vanguard win Scenario 1 automatically if the destroy all enemy models? 

Let me ponder that for a moment. Yes.

• In Outbreak Scenario 1, there is a strain deployment box on the map but the text says "The Strain may deploy models adjacent to any Strain strategic point on the game board". Can the Strain deploy either in the box or at the strategic points? Or just one of these two options?

Deploy at any strategic point or in the deployment zone.

• In scenario 1, the Vanguard win when they power up the life support. Does powering it up take an action?

Derp! Yes it does. Treat it like a strategic point.

Outbreak Scenario 2:
The Vanguard player is required to put at least 3 models in each of 3 deployment zones. Does this mean the Vanguard player is required to purchase at least 9 models for the scenario?


Outbreak Scenario 4:

• In scenario 4, can the Vanguard player kill all the monsters but one in the first wave and then let one attack for the four rounds? There seems to be no way a single revenant can kill those three heroes by itself in four rounds. And, as I read the rules, if the Strain in the first wave is not all killed, no second wave is triggered, and so on, yes?

Did I just break the scenario? 


Outbreak Scenario 5:

• "Scenario 5: The Strain must deploy any combination of the following models (up to four maximum) in each Strain deployment zones (sic)

-1 Phase 3 Exoform
-1 Phase 2 Exo-form
-2 Phase 2 Necroforms"

What does this mean? "Four maximum" what? Four choices maximum per zone? Four models maximum per zone? Four of each choice, maximum? Can I take 4 Phase 3 Exoforms at each zone?

Four choices maximum per zone.

Outbreak Scenario 7

scenario 7- I presume that all three keys must be active (not activated) in the same round? Otherwise there's no point in giving rules for the strain to de-activate it. Correct?


Outbreak Scenario 9: 

• "Strain models deploy in each deployment zone." What exactly does this mean?
Must? How many? May?

If it's supposed to be "may" I would perhaps have written it: "Strain models may be deployed in any Strain deployment zone." 

Sounds good, use that wording.

If at least one must be deployed in each zone: "At least one Strain model must be deployed in each deployment zone. Once that condition is met, the Strain player may deploy any remaining Strain models in any Strain deployment zone with sufficient space."

• Also, it also says to deploy Kara and "a contingent of Vanguard" on the train. How many? And it says a second contingent "may be deployed" at the teleport pad. So you can put all your Vanguard models on the train? No one needs to deploy at the reinforcement point? It seems odd considering the mission fluff if so. 

Place a group at one and a group at the other. Following the mission fiction will make the scenario better.

• Ostensibly the designer intended Kara to make a break for the teleporter. There would need to be some incentive to do this. But in my view there currently isn't. As written, both players would likely put all their forces on the first tile and fight it out there, which could be fun but would be quite predictable. The player that failed to mass his forces on tile one would likely lose.

Yeah, not a perfect scenario, I get it. Please feel free to play this scenario in a way that you would have fun.

I would suggest requiring Kara's force to deploy with Kara and maybe up to 1/2 her points on the train, the other half has to deploy at the pad. Then, have the strain deploy no more than 1/3 of their points on tiles 1,2 and 4. That could make it a tough run for Kara but give her a fighting chance and give the relief force a chance to break through to her. 

See, that sounds like a lot of fun. Do that.

• Also, if Kara or the Cthonian are killed, does that end the game with victory to the other side, as well? I would imagine so. Or is it a draw if they are both killed? If so it would be helpful for the scenario to say that: Perhaps "If both the Cthonian and Kara are killed, the game is a draw."

Sure. That works. Text to that effect may appear in the scenario if it gets re-written.

• In Scenario 6 - Tactical Retreat each player gets 40 Points to generate their force, with Vanguard receiving Kara Black for free and Strain receiving a Grendlr for free. In Scenario 9 - Into the Void each player gets 100 points to generate their force, with Strain receiving a Cthonian for free, while the Vanguard is required to take Kara Black, but she is not listed as being free.

So the question is: in Scenario 9 is Kara Black intended to be a free model for the Vanguard force?

No, she must be paid from the force point cost.

Strategic Scenario Questions:

• How should players determine map size and placement? I would suggest it makes sense for players to first choose a point total (up to 100 for standard games) and then place 1 tile per 20 points per the rules. Should players alternate choosing and placing tiles?

Your solution above is perfectly suitable for your games. We'll figure out something for the FAQ this week.

VIP Mission:
• In the "VIP" strategic scenario, how can the Strain win this? It seems that they have to infect the VIP, hope it reaches level 4 through bad dice rolls, and then have a type 3 or 4 exoform on board in order to override the VIP into going to the Strain objective space? That seems very difficult compared to what the Vanguard have to do.

It is hard.

• If the VIP is Morgan Vade, he can just remove his infection, correct? Would he break the scenario if taken as VIP?

Don't use him as the VIP.

• As this question relates to the victory conditions, do multiple hits from infection- causing weapons raise a model’s infection level?


- What happens if the VIP is killed? Is it a draw?



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